Every cat owner faces the battle of keeping a home clean when the hair of your beloved furry friend is constantly being scattered around. Cat’s shed. Especially cat’s with long hair. It’s a lot of work.

At Bowman Road Animal Clinic, we’ve yet to meet a cat that takes responsibility for their fur and cleans up after themselves. So here are a few tips as you clean cat hair from various surfaces.

Quick cleaning.
Cleaning up after your cat is sometimes a daily battle. If you have a cat, you probably have a few lint rollers tucked away about your life. When you’re headed out the door you always reach for a lint roller to get rid of any clinging cat hair on your clothing. Especially when you are wearing the opposite color of your cat’s fur.

To help moderate the shedding, put a dryer sheet on your hand and run it over your cat like a pet. It isn’t as effective as brushing them every day, but it’s less time consuming. A quick petting session with a dryer sheet is also a good alternative if your cat doesn’t appreciate being brushed.

Regular cleaning.
Here are a few things you can do to help eliminate more cat hair while you are going about your regular cleaning routine.

– Use the pet hair nozzle on your vacuum cleaner. Most vacuum cleaners have a special attachment for pet hair. Use it the next time you are vacuuming and see the difference. You can also more effectively get cat hair out of carpet by running the vacuum cleaner over the surface multiple times at different angles.

– Rub the surface with a rubber cleaning glove. This will cause stubborn cat hair to clump together and even stick to the glove. Rinse the glove off under running water and repeat as many times as needed.

– For the same reason petting your cat with a dryer sheet will help manage shedding, a mixture of fabric softener and water will help you remove cat hair from an upholstered surface. Spray the upholstered surface with the mixture. Wipe it off with a cleaning rag or paper towel.

– Add vinegar to your laundry. About a half cup of white distilled vinegar in your laundry load will help loosen cat hair from your garments. Don’t add too much or the wash will not be enough to remove the vinegar smell.

It doesn’t matter how much extra cleaning cat’s require, most cat owners will tell you, the snuggles and soft purrs your feline friend uses to show affection are worth it.

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