Why do Dogs Love to Roll in Mud?

No one really knows why dogs are drawn to mud and dirt. Seems like almost every dog loves to roll around in the mud. It’s a natural behavior. Unfortunately, it is also usually very inconvenient for owners. Here are some theories about why dogs love to roll in mud—especially after a bath. Are you looking for a trustworthy veterinarian in Little Rock? Bowman Road Animal Clinic is conveniently located on Bowman road. We partner with Classy Canine Cuts so we can offer our patients quality grooming services for all breeds of dogs.

They are Hiding from Would-be Predators.

Dogs could be using the mud as some kind of camouflage. Dogs use their sense of smell more than any other sense. So, in the dog community, hiding your scent is the best way to hide. If they smell like the ground, predators won’t notice their scent.

After a bath a dog could feel especially exposed due to their new smell. The mud is a great way for them to hide it, but they can’t hide it from this veterinarian in Little Rock. 


They are Rolling in Something to let their Pack know what they Found.

Dogs communicate through smell, so the instinct could have started as a way for them to communicate to the rest of their pack when they have found something of interest.

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Dirt can be Used for Drying-off Fur.

Rolling in the dirt could be a way that dogs like to dry off. They might display similar behavior in the house after a walk in the rain.

Dogs don’t like having water in their ears. This is why it’s important to follow the directions on your dog’s shampoo and keep it away from their ears. The rolling could be their way of getting any water out of their ears. This is a common question that could be asked to your veterinarian in Little Rock.



It’s also possible that your dog is rolling around because they are excited to be done with the stressful event of being bathed. Being restrained in a bath can be especially stressful for a dog. Many dog owners have a hard time giving their dogs a bath. They need to release the nervous energy. What do you call it when your dog runs around the house like crazy? 

What is the Best Way to Handle It? Advice from a Veterinarian in Little Rock.

Get a camera.

Unfortunately, nearly every dog owner must come to terms with this behavior. They are not showing anger for the unwanted bath they just received. Rolling is very natural, possibly even calming to them. Dogs often roll to express emotion. The best way to keep your dog from rolling in the mud is to keep them away from the mud and give them a new place to roll.

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