Having a puppy or dog is so much fun! They seem to have so much energy – they’re always on the move and eager to go outside on walks.


However, sometimes those walks aren’t as much fun for you. If your dog pulls on the leash or won’t stay calm as you walk around the neighborhood, you may find yourself dreading going out.


Let’s make a change. With advice from your vet clinic, you can train your dog to behave on a leash. Walks can be fun for both you and your pet.


Let’s get started!


Introduce the Leash or Harness Indoors

If you’ve just gotten your dog, you may need to introduce them to the leash or harness. Even if you have been walking your dog awhile, you may be able to introduce a new more effective harness. For instance, sometime a nose strap helps dogs behave better on walks.


Finding a product that helps them stop pulling can reduce throat and neck injuries that might require a trip to the vet clinic. Avoid collars that poke, shock, or pinch your dog. It can hurt the bond of trust between you and your pup.


When you’ve found the right collar or harness, start indoors and let them get used to the feeling of being in it. This will make them more “normal” and less over-excited when it comes time to go for a walk outside.


Practice “Sit” and “Heel” Inside

Once your dog is used to the harness and leash, practice walking them inside. Starting in a familiar environment with few distractions will make a big difference. You never want something to happen to them where they get hurt and have to go to the vet clinic.


If your dog starts to pull or get wild, stop immediately. Call the pup to you, and tell them to sit. You might offer a treat for obedience.


Your dog will soon learn that pulling or getting over-excited means they have to stop exploring and sit with you, even if it’s only a moment. That will be a great deterrent.


Walk Outside With Understanding

One of the things many pet owners don’t understand is how unbelievably interesting the world is to a dog! It’s not their fault that they are distracted. They are sensing dozens of things at once, and it’s so much fun for them.


Dogs sense of smell is incredible. Their noses contain 300 olfactory receptors, where we only have six million. The portion of their brain dedicated to decoding smells is 40 times larger than ours.


What if, instead of being able to see everything within 1/3 of a mile, you could see everything within 3,000 miles? How amazing and distracting would that be? That’s your dog every time they step outside.


As you walk your dog, continue to reinforce the “heel” and “sit” commands. You’ll be helping them stay safe – if there’s anywhere dogs don’t like to go, it’s to a vet clinic!


Get More Advice from Your Little Rock Vet Clinic

Taking care of a dog can be a big job. Sometimes you need advice, and we’re here to help. Of course, we’re also available for any health needs your furry friend has.


Contact our vet clinic any time you have questions or concerns about your pet. If your pet needs a checkup or gets injured, we have a comprehensive facility that can give the care you need. Call us for an appointment today!