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If you’re looking at getting your family a pet, you might be thinking small to start. In fact, small animals like guinea pigs, rabbits, and even hamsters are common first pets for families with children.


You might wonder, though, if a rabbit is the right answer for you. Just because it’s small doesn’t mean it’s easy. From the perspective of your Little Rock vet, here are some things to consider.


Are You Looking For a Huggable Pet?

While rabbits can be very intelligent and affectionate, they generally don’t like being held, carried, or hugged. If physical cuddling is important to you or if you have a child that might be a big grabby, a rabbit might not be the right choice.


Unfortunately, if you try to hug or hold a rabbit it’s likely to respond by struggling or scratching you. As your Little Rock vet, we’d hate to see you have injuries from your pet!


Are You Willing to Chew-Proof Your Home?

Be careful about letting your rabbit roam freely around your home or yard unless you’ve carefully checked everything at rabbit level. Rabbits love to chew – in fact, they need to chew on hard things in order to keep their ever-growing teeth trimmed.


Unfortunately, this can mean that wires, cords, wood furniture, and plants are likely to be targets for your fluffy friend. This can lead to serious injury, and you might be rushing your new pet to your Little Rock vet for emergency care.


Before you get a rabbit, be sure you will be able to carefully supervise it while it’s out of its cage.


Do You Love Social Animals?

Many families who are looking at pets are interested in an animal that enjoys spending time with them. A well-socialized rabbit will be tame and affectionate and bring a lot of joy to your home.


There are more than 60 breeds of rabbit, and quite a few make good pets. You will want to do some research before you pick one out. Some rabbits are small, and some grown very large. Some have traditional upright ears while others have ears that drag on the ground.


Rabbits are clean animals who are very fun and playful when they are well cared for.


Are You Committed to Caring For the Pet For Its Lifetime?

One thing that’s important before you choose any pet is being committed to care for it during its entire life. An indoor rabbit can live 5 – 15 years. It’s not a good idea to get a cute rabbit as an Easter gift only to end up regretting it by June.


The good news is that rabbits are easy to care for in almost any size home. In the right sized cage you can keep them easily in an apartment or house. Outdoor cages can be harmful for the rabbit, since it exposes them to weather conditions and predators such as cats, dogs, or even foxes.


As your Little Rock vet, we want to make sure that every pet owner is fully committed to providing high-quality care for the entire life of the animal.


Bring New Pets to Your Little Rock Vet!

No matter what you were told by a breeder or pet store, all new pets should be brought to a Little Rock vet within the first few weeks of ownership. We can help answer your questions about your animal, recommend a proper diet, and more.


Need to make an appointment for a new furry family member? Contact us today!