Summers are fantastic for road tripping, and nothing is more fun than taking the whole family – including your four legged friends. Bringing your dog on a road trip can save you money and worry when it comes to boarding and dog sitting.

However, traveling with a dog in hot weather has it’s own challenges. As your Little Rock vet, we want to make sure both your family and your puppy enjoy the road trip. Here are some tips to keep everyone happy!

Plan Frequent Stops

If you’re someone who likes to drive straight through with very few stops because you’re focused on getting to the destination, don’t plan on bringing your dog with you! Trust your Little Rock vet, dogs need a lot of breaks for bathroom and exercise.

Instead, try to see the journey as part of your vacation. Take your time, enjoy the stops, and find ways to work fun into the road trip as well as your destination.

If you have kids, they will also benefit from frequent stops and exercise. It will help them stay more relaxed in the car – in fact, they may even sleep!

Plan Pet-Friendly Lodging

This is becoming easier and easier as hotels and motels become more pet friendly. Keep in mind that hotels that accept dogs will still need you to mention that you are bringing your pet. They may have special pet-friendly rooms that they will book you in.

If you’re taking a long multi-day trip, you’ll want to plan the drive and where you’ll stay in advance. If you need more flexibility, plan to book each hotel at least the night before. Keep in mind that during busy seasons in tourist areas, you may have a hard time getting a room!

Take it from your Little Rock vet, it pays to plan ahead so both your family and your dog are comfortable each night.

Remember Your Dog’s Medicine

In the rush to get ready for a vacation, you probably pack quickly. Hopefully you have a checklist so you don’t miss anything your family needs. But what about your furry family members? If they have medicine prescribed by a Little Rock vet, you’ll want to make sure you take it along.

In the summer, it’s especially important to have your flea and tick medication. You never know what the dog will pick up when you let them run around parks and rest areas!

If you forget the medicine, don’t hesitate to give us a call. We can let you know if the pup will be OK during your trip or if you need to make an emergency stop to get the medication. We may be able to contact a vet in your area to OK the medication.

Visit Your Little Rock Vet Before You Go

You wouldn’t leave for a road trip if someone in your family was sick. Show the same care to your pup by bringing them to your Little Rock vet before you leave.

You’ll want to make sure vaccines are up to date, and we can provide a health certificate if needed for your trip. Your veterinarian can also let you know if there are specific pet health concerns in the area you’re traveling to.

Need an appointment? We’re available six days a week. Give us a call to schedule today!