Tis the season – not for snow and Santa, but for booming fireworks, grilling, and enjoying the celebration of our country’s independence. 

Something that’s easy to forget when it comes to the 4th of July is that our pets aren’t so sure it’s a celebration. In fact, to them, it feels like the world might be coming to an end.

Between the fireworks, the guests, and the grilling, here are some tips from your Little Rock vet clinic on how to keep your pets safe.

Keep Your Pets Inside

Yes, your pup might be begging to come outside if you’re having a cookout or other celebration. You might think there’s no harm in letting them join you. But the truth is that it’s easy for pets to get spooked by the loud noises associated with the 4th and they often run off when you least expect it.

It isn’t just your fireworks or guests that you should think about. Anyone in your neighborhood who sets something off can frighten your pet and they can run away very quickly. They can even break out of a leash or leap a fence because they are so scared. 

There’s a reason that July 5th is a busy day at shelters, and as your Little Rock vet clinic we’d hate to see you lose your pet.

Don’t assume they’re safe in your yard. Instead, keep them inside.

Don’t Feed Pets Alcohol

What might seem like common sense to some is a fun joke to others. Even if your pet “likes” it, don’t feed them alcohol. Your dog or cat can become dangerously ill, go into a coma, or even die.

You don’t want to be rushing your pet to an emergency Little Rock vet clinic, so don’t give them drinks that aren’t for pets. Stick to straight water and save the beer, alcohol, or any other human drink for your guests.

Make Sure Your Pets Tags and Chips Are Up to Date

When we see a stray in our Little Rock vet clinic, the first question we have is whether they have a collar, tag, or identification chip. Of course, those markers are only useful if they are registered and up to date.

Have you never registered your pet’s chip? Now is the time! Do it before the holiday so that if, somehow, your pet escapes, it can be returned to you easily.

Keep Pets Away From Fireworks

Pets are afraid of fireworks for a good reason – the loud booms signify danger! Unfortunately humans can forget that fact, and sometimes use fireworks or explosives in unsafe ways.

We don’t want you to be injured, and we definitely don’t want to see your pet hit by fireworks! You know that you can lose a hand or an eye, and it’s easy for a pet to be equally badly injured. Unfortunately, they can even die if they are hit by a firework, sparkler, or other explosive.

Having to take your pet to the vet with a life-threatening injury is not the way you want to celebrate the 4th. Keep pets safe.

Know How to Contact Your Little Rock Vet Clinic

Despite your best efforts, sometimes bad things happen. If you need your Little Rock vet clinic, whether it’s around the 4th or any other time, we’re here for you.

At Bowman Road Animal Clinic, we offer everything from surgery to pet exams and preventative medicine. Be sure you know how to contact us for all of your pet care needs!