Is your pet anxious whenever it’s time to visit the veterinarian? It’s understandable – your cat or dog is being put the car and ends up in a building that smells strange with people they don’t know. 

Then, to make it even worse, they get poked, prodded, and perhaps have to get shots. It’s no wonder your pet hates visiting the vet.

Fortunately, you can take steps to help your furry friend stay calm and do well at their medical appointments. The next time they visit your West Little Rock vet, try these tips!

Make the Car and Carrier More Normal

If the only time your cat gets into a crate or your dog gets into the car is to go someplace like the vet, they’ll be anxious the moment you try to corral them. They may run away or even scratch or nip you as you try to get them loaded up.

To avoid this, help the carrier and car be a more positive experience. Consider giving your cat treats in the crate when there is no appointment at your West Little Rock vet. Leave the carrier out so they can explore or even sleep in it day-to-day.

Make sure your animals go fun places in the car, as well. Whether it’s to a coffee shop for a bit of whipped cream or a dog park, getting in the car can be associated with fun instead of fear.

Visit the Vet When There’s No Appointment

Going to your West Little Rock vet can be fun, too – just drop by when you don’t have an appointment! We’ll be happy to say hi to your pup, give a bit of a treat, and help the veterinarian be a lot less scary.

The more normal you can make a trip to the vet, the less anxiety your pet will have during appointments. This not only helps things go smoothly, it can make appointments shorter. Your pet may heal more quickly when there’s no anxiety about going to the doctor!

Bring Favorite Items to the Vet

If your dog or cat has a favorite toy, treat, or comfort item, be sure to bring it when they go to the veterinarian. We’re happy to have you bring whatever you need to help your cat or dog stay calm.

Like other tips, be sure to use these comfort toys at a variety of times, not just when the animal is going to your West Little Rock vet. Otherwise, what previously helped them stay calm will become an anxiety trigger.

Be Sure You Have the Right West Little Rock Vet

Having a veterinarian that connects well with your animals is essential. We have experience working with all kinds of animals, including those that are nervous. Most of all, we love animals and will do everything we can to keep your furry friend comfortable!

When you come to our West Little Rock vet office, you can expect to be welcomed warmly. You and your pet will get top-notch service, and we’ll help everyone stay calm. Contact us to make an appointment today!