How do pets NOT make your life better? Having a furry, feathered, or scaly best friend comes with lots of benefits for pet-owners and their families. Some people have service animals that enhance their lives in many ways, but every pet can improve your happiness, health, and wellbeing. Over the years, the special bond between you and your pet will be undeniable. Here are just some of the ways having a pet makes your life better.

Pets are Great Companions

The saying goes that dogs are man’s best friend – but pets of all shapes, sizes, and species make fantastic companions. Pets don’t just come into our homes, they come into our hearts. Especially if you live alone, have recently experienced a loss, or are experiencing life transitions, pets can help alleviate loneliness and make your home a warm refuge and safe place. Loneliness can have negative impacts on your health, but an animal companion can help you live happily with constant companionship.

Pets Make You Healthier

The Centers for Disease Control has determined that pet owners have lower blood pressure and cholesterol and experience less stress than those without pets. That’s a ringing endorsement with big implications for your long-term heart health! That’s right – pets literally and figuratively help your heart. In addition to these benefits, pets can help you stay active and get you moving. Taking your dog on a walk or caring for your pets gives you multiple reasons every day to be active and increase your mobility. Even in small doses, that activity can have a huge effect on your long-term health. Don’t worry – your pet will remind you to get up and move!

Pets are Mood Enhancers

The Centers for Disease Control isn’t the only agency carrying out pet health benefit research! A survey from the Human Animal Bond Research Institute found that 74 percent of pet owners report better mental health. Less stress, increased social interactions, reduced anxiety, and relieved depression are just some of the benefits survey respondents indicated. People with pets statistically tend to be more social, have increased feelings of contentment and happiness, and deal with seasonal mood issues better than people without pets. In fact, just by petting your dog, cat, or other pet, you can benefit from a soothing effect.

Pets Encourage Healthy Routines

Your pet will know when it’s time to get up, have a bite to eat, or go for a walk. While you can influence these routines, your pet’s internal clock will keep you on track. Routines help you form healthy habits, like regular eating schedules and times for exercise. You can also set other healthy routines – like getting out of the house to go to a dog park or give your pet some outside time. Routines also help reduce stress levels and lead to improved productivity, confidence, and comfort levels.

Pets Can Help You Make Friends

Furry, feathered, or scaly friends can lead to other, more human friends, too! Gathering with other pet owners for play dates and outings can help you build meaningful connection with others. You might meet a new best friend at the dog park, become a cat show fanatic and gain a new community, or gather with other bearded dragon owners for regular sessions making tiny leather jackets. The sky’s the limit! Pets help us gather and share the love and enthusiasm inspired by our animal friends.

Keep Your Pet Healthy with Bowman Road Animal Clinic

With all these great benefits to pet ownership, it’s important to keep your best friend healthy, too! The caring veterinary professionals at Bowman Road Animal Clinic have the experience and expertise to keep your pet happy and healthy throughout their whole lives. We practice what we preach – we’re pet lovers, too! You can trust us with your new puppy, senior cat, or rowdy parakeet. Call or visit us today to schedule your pet’s next checkup!