Research has shown that hamsters, like humans, have feelings. However, telling when your hamster is happy can sometimes be challenging because they have so many different behaviors that they show. A common problem for many hamster owners is knowing if their hamster is happy with his living arrangements. The best way to ensure that your hamster is happy is to provide them with the best possible care, while also stimulating them mentally. Keep reading to learn 10 ways to tell if your hamster is happy!

1. Hamsters will Approach Their Owners to Show Happiness

One of the easiest ways to tell if your hamster is happy is if they run up to interact with you as you walk by their cage. This often means that your hamster wants to play with you. Your hamster will often portray this by coming to the side of their cage that you’re on as soon as you walk by. 

2. Hamsters Groom Themselves When They are Happy

Seeing a hamster groom themselves is one of the best ways to tell if your hamster is happy. If you notice that your hamster is grooming themselves a lot, this means that they are comfortable and happy with their environment. So if you see your hamster cleaning themselves, especially in an open area within their cage, then you will know that your hamster is happy. 

3. Yawning Can Mean that a Hamster is Happy

Hamsters often yawn when they are happy. It is a sign that your hamster is feeling relaxed and comfortable in their environment. However, it is important to note that this behavior can have multiple meanings. Sometimes hamsters will yawn to show that they are stressed or angry. One way to tell what your hamster’s yawn means is to see if they are also stretching. A hamster that is really comfortable tends to do both at the same time. 

4. Hamsters Will Stretch to Show Happiness

Along with yawning, seeing your hamster stretch is another tell-tale sign that they are happy. Typically, you will see your hamster stretching after they wake up from a nap or randomly throughout the day depending on how they feel. You can especially tell that your hamster is happy if they start stretching while you are around them. 

5. If Your Hamster is Collecting and Storing Food, They’re Happy

Collecting and storing food is another sign that your hamster is happy and living his best life. You’ll often see your hamster filling up their cheeks with their food so that they can take it back to their home and save it as food for later. Not only is this a sign that your hamster is happy, it can also be a sign of healthiness.

6. Happy Hamsters Tend to be Very Active and Energetic

Seeing your hamster active and energetic throughout their day is a really good sign. Happy hamsters have a lot of extra energy that they need to burn off. On the other hand, a hamster that is not happy won’t do as much; instead, they tend to be slow-moving or may not even want to move much at all. 

7. Hamsters Will Exercise When They are Happy

Hamsters who are happy and content with their surroundings tend to exercise a lot. This is due to the fact that their happiness gives hamsters a significant energy boost and they need a way to help them get rid of all the excess energy. Most commonly, you will see hamsters running or using an exercise wheel to help with this. 

8. Hamsters Will Play With Their Toys to Show Happiness

If your hamster is constantly playing with his toys, chances are that your hamster is feeling happy. If you notice that your hamster has stopped playing with his toys as much or altogether, then it might mean that your hamster is bored. They tend to get bored very easily, so it is recommended that you rotate different toys into their cage that they can play with to help keep them happy.

9. If Your Hamster is Showing Curiosity, It is Happy

One way to tell if your hamster is happy is if they are showing curiosity. As a naturally curious animal, if your hamster is showing some form of curiosity then you know that everything is normal and okay with them. This curiosity can lead your hamster to happily explore different parts of their surroundings, as well as any new items or toys that you give them.

10. When a Hamster Responds Quickly, You Know That They’re Happy

Hamsters who are happy and comfortable typically respond quickly when you speak to them. Basically, the sound of your voice can make your hamster happy. Hamsters will often come out of their homes or stop what they are doing just to interact with you because they simply enjoy doing that. 

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