Dog Boarding Little Rock

Dog Boarding Little Rock

Is your dog used to being spoiled? If so, then the Bowman Road Animal Clinic should be your number one choice! We love dogs, and our boarding and veterinary staff are here around the clock to play with, monitor and pamper your fur baby.

We are proud to provide personalized dog boarding services to make your puppy feel safe and at home while you’re away. We offer both overnight and day boarding options. Whether your dog is staying with us for medical treatment or because they need a home away from home while you’re out of town, we provide comfortable, clean facilities and personalized care for every canine that stays with us.

Dog-Friendly Facilities

Our dog boarding facilities are built with your canine companion’s comfort in mind. There are kennels of various sizes for different breeds and each is equipped with a place to sleep and a run to stretch and exercise in. If your dog is sociable, healthy, and comfortable with other dogs, we’ll let them out into the play area to roam free and have a fantastic time with their new pack. Playtime is always supervised closely. 

Our boarding staff provides friendly, professional care around the clock for the entire length of their stay. We take pride in our personalized services for dog boarding in Little Rock.

Special Accommodations for Your Canine Friend

Although dogs get a reputation for being happy-go-lucky, they still crave routine. To help keep them healthy, calm, and happy, we’re more than happy to accommodate any special requirements or needs they may have. You cannot over-communicate with us. The more we know about your dog’s medical history, current medications, healthcare requirements, likes, dislikes, sociability, and personality, the more personalized and detailed our care for them can be. 

Customized Feeding

We feed our dog guests according to your instructions and preferences and we always ensure that there is clean, fresh water available for them. If you have a particular brand of food that you prefer, specific feeding requirements (like being fed three times a day instead of two), or times of day that your dog prefers to eat, we can work with you to make sure your dog is comfortable during his or her stay. Some dogs like to graze at their convenience, and others can only be trusted with set meal times. Just let us know what you and your canine companion prefer.

The Benefits of Boarding With a Vet

Who could be better suited to care for your dog while you’re away than a trained veterinary staff? You never have to worry about your dog becoming ill while you’re away – if anything comes up, we’re right here to treat them in our on-site clinic. 

We know that when it comes to your dog, you only want the best. Our pledge to you is that we will treat your dog as if they were our own – with all the love and respect that they need and deserve.

Tips For Keeping Your dog Comfortable During a Boarding Stay


If you’re looking for animal boarding in Little Rock, there are a few tips and tricks we ask our pet parents to look over. These are meant to increase your and your dog’s comfort with the boarding process and to help keep them as safe and healthy as possible.


    1. Bring enough of your dog’s preferred food for their entire stay (plus a little extra just in case) and try not to make any major dietary changes right before their stay. Sudden dietary changes can upset their digestion which can make for an uncomfortable stay – and in worse case scenarios, it can cause serious health issues like vomiting, dehydration, and refusal to eat.  
    2. Bring their favorite blanket, toys, or an article of clothing that you’ve worn recently. Familiar items that smell like home go a long way towards comforting your friend while you’re out of sight. 
    3. Bring all medications, special instructions, and your vet’s contact information if you do not vet with us. Our trained veterinary staff is completely capable of administering all medications, but we must have the dosage and prescription instructions. 
    4. Provide copies of your dog’s vaccination records and proof of spay and neuter status.
    5. Be sure your dog is up to date on their flea and tick treatments. We keep our facilities clean, and we’re very careful, but you never know what another dog will bring in with them. To avoid having your dog contract fleas, please make sure they’re up to date on their treatments.
    6. When possible, plan – and schedule – in advance. We know it’s not always possible, but in general, it’s best if you can schedule your dog’s boarding stay as far in advance as possible. Especially around the holidays, we are very busy and the kennels fill up quickly. So as soon as you book that vacation, give us a call and we’ll do our best to get your dog’s stay scheduled! 

If you have any questions about cat boarding in Little Rock or you would like to schedule a boarding stay, contact us at 501-223-3737. If you would like to take a tour of the cat boarding facilities and meet some of our boarding staff, just schedule an appointment or drop by! We’re happy to show you around.



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