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We are proud to provide personalized pet boarding services to make your pet feel at home while you’re away from home. Overnight and day boarding is also available. Our dedicated veterinarians and vet technicians make sure that pets staying with us for medical reasons are given the complete medical attention and care they require. Whether your pet is staying for medical treatment or just needs a home away from home while you’re out of town, we provide clean, comfortable facilities and individualized care for every pet that stays with us. With our experienced boarding and veterinary staff on hand to monitor, pamper and play with your pet, they’ll be in undeniably good hands.   It is our goal to give you peace of mind as you leave your pet with us, safe in the knowledge that your pet will receive a healthy dose of attention and sincere love from our friendly, compassionate staff. Happy pets make happy pet owners, and we’re determined to make that happen. Our pet boarding areas are fully equipped with heating and air conditioning systems to keep your pet comfortable. With our spacious rooms, you can be sure that your dog or cat will find comfort in its enclave, with both human and furry companions of its kind, if your animal is sociable with other pets. Canine boarders will benefit from multiple exercise times and personalized walks. Your pet will enjoy friendly, professional care around the clock, for the entire length of their stay. Personalized service is important to us at Bowman Road Animal Clinic. We understand that you are likely to have established routines for your pets at home. If your pet has any special requirements, please let us know so we can accommodate them. Learning details such as your pet’s medical history, current medications, healthcare requirements, likes and dislikes, and level of interaction with other animals help us render a personalized service. We feed our pet guests according to your instructions and ensure that there is always clean, fresh water available for them. A major benefit of boarding with your veterinarian is that no one is better at observing and monitoring your pet’s health. During your pet’s stay, any medical issues will be immediately brought to your attention and can be treated right here at our clinic. When it comes to your pet, nothing but the very best quality of care will suffice. We promise to care for your pet as if they were our own and treat them with all the love and respect they need and deserve.   We would love to speak with you about our boarding policies and give you a tour of our pet boarding area. Contact us or drop by to view our pet boarding rooms and learn more about us!

Read these pet care tips before going on vacation! 

Tips for Making Boarding as Painless as Possible

(For You and Your Dog)

We are the first people to admit that we HATE the idea of leaving our fur babies behind for any amount of time. But no matter how painful it is – or how guilty we feel for leaving Sir Spottington and his sweet, wiggly morning kisses – we’re also the first people to admit that it’s inevitable as a dog owner. Not everyone loves the idea of having dogs around for certain trips (We know! Ridiculous!). Honeymoons, business trips, family reunions with your Aunt Kate who’s hideously allergic… okay so sometimes it might make sense to board your dog. 

But I Take My Dog With Me Everywhere!

And if you’re honest with yourself, sometimes having your dog along can be more stressful for you and your beloved companion than if they were in a controlled, pet-friendly environment. We know you want Daisy by your side this 4th of July at the beach – but we promise she would rather miss out on the fireworks show. 

Even if you’re in a pet-friendly hotel, you may not always be able to take them out with you, and then your sweet baby is alone in a strange environment that doesn’t even smell like home. With some dogs that could be a recipe for a disastrous and expensive damages bill.

So now that we’re agreed that traveling sans puppy is a necessary evil, let’s talk about how to make boarding as painless as possible. 

Do Your Research on Dog Boarding in West Little Rock

It’s helpful to have a boarding place that you trust in your back pocket. The worst possible time to look for that place is at the last minute. As a dog owner with a normal human life, you will likely experience emergencies and knowing that your best friend is being taken care of in a place you’ve used before, or at least thoroughly vetted can give you incredible peace of mind.  

After you’ve done your Googling and asked your friends with dogs, pick your top two or three places and visit those boarding facilities in person. 

Trust Your Nose 

When you’re visiting a potential doggy daycare or boarding facility, sniff around. Obviously, with a lot of dogs in residence, it’s not going to smell like roses, but you shouldn’t be overwhelmed by the stench. The best facilities have special ventilation systems to lessen the aroma of too much dog (and dog-related waste products). While you’re sniffing around, make sure that the entire place is clean and orderly. Also, make sure to ask about the temperature control of the facility – you want to make sure that they will be able to combat excessive heat or cold in summer or winter months.

Ask For a Comprehensive Tour

If a facility is hesitant about giving you a tour or if the tour omits everything but the big play area out back, this can be a warning sign. Of course, you should be respectful of truly off-limits areas like sickbay, surgery rooms (if it’s a vet’s office), or quiet spaces for especially nervous or aggressive dogs.

Make sure that you see how and where your dog will be sleeping. As den animals, dogs prefer “safe”, contained spaces for sleeping. Open sleeping arrangements don’t allow your dog to get a good night’s rest which can make them grumpy, jumpy, and clumsy, increasing chances of injuries and fights. 

Gather Your Dog’s Information

Once you’ve checked out your place and you feel comfortable, the next step will be to make sure your dog has everything they need while you’re away – and that the caregivers at your boarding facility have everything the need to keep your dog healthy and safe! This may mean making a checklist with information like:

  • Any health or behavioral issues
  • A list of any medications, the dosage, and your vet’s phone number
  • Your contact information
  • Notes about food prep – some places offer food, but it can be more comforting for your dog (and healthier if they have special dietary needs) if you provide your own food with notes about how much to feed them
  • Records of your dog’s vaccinations and proof of shots (DHPP, Rabies, and Bordatella are usually required prior to dog boarding in West Little Rock so plan ahead)

Gathering all this information in one place, like a folder or an email will help ensure that you have everything each time you need to board and makes it easier for the caregivers to take care of your special pup. 

Do A Practice Run

The more familiar your canine companion is with your boarding facility, the less stressful it will be for them. We understand that cost is a factor in this tip, but if it’s possible, try to bring your dog to visit and play or stay for the day before the big trip. Dog’s process time differently than we do so dropping them off and picking them up a few times – even for a much shorter day-time stay – familiarizes them with the space and teaches them that you’ll be coming back to get them! 

As much as possible, you want to associate “Mom/Dad is coming back for me” with this place.  

Doing a practice stay or some doggy daycare also allows the boarding team to observe what your dog’s normal behavior is. That way, if your pup does become stressed, they’ll be better equipped to identify it and give your baby a little extra love and attention. 

Pack for Stress Success

No matter how chill your dog is, separation and new surroundings can make them a little anxious. Set them up for success by surrounding them with the familiar. Things you can include are:

  • A shirt or item of clothing that smells like you
  • Their special or favorite toy
  • Treats 
  • Their normal food
  • A comfy bed (Wash it after your puppy’s stay, not before (we won’t judge)! It should smell like home.)
    •  Their leash and collar

    Say Your Goodbyes Quickly and Calmly

    Remember, now that you’ve done everything you can to make sure your best friend in the whole world will be comfortable, you don’t want to undo all that hard work. Dogs can sense emotions and they can definitely tell when you’re acting like you’ll never see them again. Give ‘em a scratch and a “Good boy/girl!” and head out like it’s any other day at doggy care. If you cry or make a big scene you’ll stress your dog out and they’ll become anxious. 


    So suck it up, Buttercup! Sure, they might sigh a little before the fall asleep, or look for you hopefully when the door opens, but your dog trusts you and knows that you’ll be back. And we’ll make sure your furry bestie has the time of his life until you come back and make their day just by walking through the door. 


    Contact the Bowman Road Animal Clinic to talk about boarding your dog in West Little Rock today. 

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