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Microchipping your pet can help them find their way home faster. Protect your pet with an identifier that goes wherever they go – even if they slip their collar or get separated from pet tags. Our veterinary team can quickly and easily microchip your companion during a routine office visit or schedule your pet for a checkup and microchip insertion. Pet microchipping in Little Rock – and anywhere in the state – ensures that whoever finds your pet can contact you as soon as possible.

What Is a Microchip?

Microchips are electronic radio frequency identification (RFID) chips encased in glass that are inserted between a pet’s shoulder blades. About the size of a grain of rice, these tiny chips are a huge reason many pets wind up back with their owners. When a dog or cat comes into a shelter or veterinary office, they are scanned for a microchip with an RFID reader that displays the pet’s identification number. This number is cross-referenced in microchipping databases to find the contact information attached to that pet. 

At Bowman Road Animal Clinic, we use ISO-certified chips to ensure that wherever your pet winds up the scanners used to check for microchipping will provide an accurate read and display the correct information.

Does Microchipping Require Surgery? Is It Painful?

Microchipping is a quick, easy, and relatively pain-free procedure. The microchip is inserted using a hypodermic needle that’s only slightly larger than those used for routine vaccinations and inoculations. Sometimes, microchips are inserted during other procedures while a pet is already under anesthesia, but surgery is not necessary to insert the microchip. Your pet will not experience more discomfort than they do during a shot or vaccination.

What Do I Need to Do After My Pet is Microchipped?

Microchips don’t require batteries or electric charges to work, so no maintenance on a microchip is required and a pet’s microchip will likely last a lifetime. The only maintenance needed is to ensure that your information is up-to-date in the databases veterinarians, shelters, and other animal-serving organizations use to locate a pet’s owners. Make sure you:

  • Provide the best contact information when your pet is microchipped. The phone number attached to your pet’s microchip should be a cell phone or other always-available phone you can answer day or night to make sure a shelter, vet clinic, or other animal rescue can reach you right away.
  • Confirm your contact information at each veterinarian visit. Make sure that your best and most up-to-date contact information is on file with your vet and don’t be afraid to confirm the contact information attached to your pet’s microchip each time you visit. 
  • Update your contact information as soon as possible if you move or change phone numbers. What information is stored with your pet’s unique identifier is up to you, so be sure to update any addresses as soon as you move or to update your phone number as soon as it changes. Pet microchipping in Little Rock doesn’t mean the information is only good inside the city limits – or even inside the state. Your pet’s microchip will be scannable, readable, and usable anywhere you go.

How Does a Microchip Help Me Find My Pet?

As soon as a dog or cat is received at a veterinarian’s office, animal shelter, or other rescue organization, personnel scan the pet for a microchip. Studies show that cats with microchips are over 21 times as likely to be returned to their owners, and dogs with microchips are almost three times as likely to be returned to their owners. Microchips aren’t GPS trackers, but they help animal service professionals quickly find a pet’s owner and return them to their home. 

Pet Microchipping in Little Rock

Microchipping is fast and easy. Our friendly, professional staff can insert a microchip at your pet’s next visit or schedule your pet for a checkup and microchip application to provide peace of mind and protection for your companion. Contact us today to learn more and schedule your appointment!


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