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Pet Grooming

A well-groomed pet feels happier, behaves better, and is generally healthier. Yes, pets know when they are clean, groomed, and looking good. And they feel good, too. Grooming your pet regularly keeps the skin healthy and the coat fresh and shiny. When dander and the dead coat is brushed off, your pet’s glands are stimulated to produce oils that are healthy for their skin. Likewise, shedding is reduced and new coat growth is promoted. Knowing the importance of grooming for your pet’s health and wellbeing, Bowman Road Animal Clinic has partnered with Classy Canine Cuts to provide professional grooming services for your pet. Our highly-trained groomers have experience working with a wide variety of species and breeds. Our grooming service covers everything possible to ensure that your pet leaves our care looking and feeling fresh and clean. A full-service grooming typically involves giving your pet a nice bath, using a shampoo that has been specially formulated for the particular coat of your pet, toweling them up, and drying with a forced-air dryer that has no irritating heating element. Nail clipping, ear cleaning (and hair plucking and removal if needed), hair brush-outs, and haircuts and styling all form a part of our complete grooming service. We also take the time to clean your pet’s paws, removing any debris and shaving off excess hairs. Every item used in the grooming of your pet is thoroughly researched and of the highest quality, so you can rest easy knowing that your pets are safe with us! As pet lovers ourselves, we love bringing out the true beauty of your furry friend. This love for pets translates into our handling of your pet, helping him or her to completely relax while we groom. We have created a warm, friendly environment for your pet, ensuring that they receive the highest possible care. Have a particular hairstyle in mind to give your pet a unique look? Simply want your pet’s hair styled according to their breed? Whichever the case, our professional team of hair stylists are here to make your pet look pretty or handsome, and adorably cute – even more than they were when you first brought your pet through our doors! If your pet is in need of grooming, contact us today. Whether it’s your first pet pampering experience or a regular part of your routine, you will be placing your pet in good hands.

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