At Bowman Road Animal Clinic, we are always excited to see our four-legged patients, but we know that many pets find going to the vet a stressful trip. We try to make your pet’s visit as non-stressful as possible.

Taking your pet to their very first vet appointment? Here are a few tips that will help make the visit run smoother. For more information about Bowman Road Animal Clinic, visit our website at

Tips for bringing your dog to the vet:

1. Bring Treats

Reward your dog’s good behavior with extra special treats when they are at the vet. It will help them associate the vet with positivity.

2. Do a test run to the vet.

Got a nervous puppy? Bring them by the vet just to say “hi” a few times. This practice will help make going to the vet a less traumatic event.

3. Give them car rides to the park.

Don’t want your dog to be nervous in the car? Most dogs love car rides. Help your pup enjoy the car by driving them to the park every once and awhile.

4. Teach your dog basic commands.

Commands like “sit” and “shake” can be very helpful at the vet.

5. Let us know if your dog is nervous.

If your dog is nervous or aggressive, be sure to let us know. We can plan ahead and take extra precaution during their visit. If needed, make sure you bring proper, good-fitting restraints with you.

6. Accompany your dog to the vet.

At Bowman Animal Clinic we value the relationship between pet and owner. We know that your pet will be much more comfortable if their main caregiver accompanies them during their visit.

While you are here with your vet, we encourage you to turn your phone off and give your dog your full attention.

Tips for bringing your cat to the vet:

1. Get them comfortable with a carrier.

Cats do best at the vet when they have a proper carrier. Allow your feline friend to get familiar with a carrier by leaving it out where they can explore it.

2. Bring toys.

Putting familiar items, like their favorite toy, in the carrier with your cat will help them feel safe. This is especially important if your cat is staying overnight.

3. Get them used to cars.

Unlike dogs, cats are not known for enjoying car rides. Get them comfortable with the interior of a vehicle by taking them for a few short “test runs” around the neighborhood.

4. Keep calm.

This tip applies to both cats and dogs. If you are stressed, your pet can sense it. Keep calm and use a reassuring voice. Work with us. You know your pet the best. Tell us if there is anything we can do to make your pet’s visit at Bowman Road Animal Clinic more pleasant.