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At Bowman Road Animal Clinic, a vet 72211, we see lots of our dog patients right before summer. Owners know how important it is for their dog to be healthy before they face the heat of Arkansas summer.

A healthy dog—with a considerate owner—will have lots of fun in the sun. Make sure your dog is not in danger of overheating. Like humans, dogs need to cool down. They can only handle so much sun.

Don’t leave them in a car.

Exception: Your dog can be in the car if you are also in the car, the car is on, AC is blowing cool air, and water is provided. Sunglasses are optional but recommended because we, a vet 72211, firmly believe that would be adorable.

Most dog owners know the danger of leaving a dog in a hot car. Even with the windows open, a car quickly becomes too hot for your dog.

Leave the AC on for them.

Most homes have programmable thermostats to save energy while the residents are away. If you leave your dog home, leave the air on for them. You can take your time running errands because you know your k9 friends is happy chillin’ at home.

Provide shade and cool water.

Always make sure your dog always has access to shade and cool water. Dogs need a space to relax outdoors, out of direct sunlight. If possible, your dog will appreciate a kiddy pool full of cool water. Add ice cubes to keep temperatures down.

When you go for a walk—preferably during the early and late, cool hours of the day—bring cool water for your dog. Make water stops as you see fit.

Give them frozen treats.

Frozen treats are a great way to help cool down your dog’s body temperature. Plus, it will give them something to do.

Have you ever tried eating frozen peanut butter?

Watch for overheating.

Your dog can’t tell you when they are overheated. It is important that you know the signs and watch for them as temperatures rise. Here are things to look for to determine if your dog is too hot.

  • Check if their gums are red or darker than normal.
  • Overheating often causes dogs to become agitated and/or dizzy.
  • Watch for heavy panting and drooling. You probably already know that dogs don’t sweat like humans. They pant to keep cool. So if you hear them panting heavier than usual, get to a cool spot.

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