We’ve all seen jokes online about cats vomiting on – and in – almost everything. The comic strips often portray this as retribution for small slights like feeding them late or making them wear silly costumes.


Unfortunately, your cat getting sick can mean something more serious. If they vomit once and go back to normal, all is probably well. But if they get sick often, you may need to contact a Little Rock pet clinic for help.


Here are some signs that your cat isn’t just upset or having a hairball, but has a real health issue.


Vomiting For More Than Two Or Three Days

Repeated vomiting in cats is serious because it leads to dehydration. While an occasional illness attack may simply be eating too fast or a hairball, throwing up more often is a sign of a bigger problem.


If your cat throws up more than once a day for two or three days, it’s time to take them to your Little Rock pet clinic. Your vet can do an examination to rule out serious problems and help you determine the best way to treat the symptoms.


For instance, your veterinarian may advise you to withhold food for a few hours or a day. Of course, water needs to be available so your pet can stay hydrated.


Vomiting is Severe or Includes Blood

If your cat is getting sick several times a day, or you notice blood in the mess, you should take your feline friend to a Little Rock pet clinic right away.


If your cat is badly dehydrated, they may need an IV in order to replenish fluids. They may also need a variety of tests to determine what’s going on.


For instance, a blood test can show signs of kidney or liver problems, or indicate an infection. X-rays can reveal blockages or abnormalities in the stomach or esophagus. More serious problems may require endoscopy under anesthesia or even exploratory surgery.


If your cat is severely ill, be sure that the veterinarian you choose has a variety of treatment options at their disposal. It’s the best way to ensure that your pet gets the help they need quickly.


Preventing Vomiting in Cats

Just because cats are known to get ill from time to time doesn’t mean you have to simply let it happen. There are steps you can take to prevent them from throwing up and keep them from eating things they shouldn’t have.


If your cat often gets sick because they eat too fast, take steps to slow down their eating. They will get more nutrition and have less stress on their digestive system. Plus, you’ll have fewer visits to a Little Rock pet clinic!


You might also want to change your cats’ diets if a specific food seems to cause problems. Finally, keep problematic items like string, twist ties, paper clips, and other items they might inadvertently eat out of reach.


Finally, take steps to prevent hairballs. You can groom your cat regularly to reduce loose hair and consider hairball products that help hair pass through the digestive track more easily.


Choose the Right Little Rock Pet Clinic For Your Pet

Having a sick animal is no fun, and an emergency situation is not the time to start looking for a Little Rock pet clinic.


Instead, have a clinic picked out ahead of time. Bowman Road Animal Clinic has been treating Little Rock pets for many years and we’d love to have your companion as part of the family. Contact us for more information today!