You know it’s safest to keep you pet cat indoors, but you might feel badly that they seem bored. After all, aren’t they meant to hunt, play, and generally have fun?

They are – but they aren’t wild cats and don’t survive well when exposed to the dangers of the outdoors. Instead, you can take steps to keep your indoor cat active, health, and happy.

Here are some strategies we recommend as your Little Rock vet clinic!

Exercise Their Natural Athlete

Cats are athletes and are born to move. To keep them as happy as possible, tire them out! There are so many amazing cat toys that will help you keep your friend active, you’re sure to find something that works for you.

String toys are a natural choice, as are Cat Dancers. Great toys don’t have to break the bank. You can also use laser pointers, toy mice, and other options. Some cats go crazy and really enjoy catnip, and others become less active around it.

Some cats will play alone with toys designed for solo interaction. However, you can’t rely on that. Keeping your cat exercised and healthy requires you to participate and play with your cat. As your Little Rock vet clinic, we encourage you to be involved!

Let Them See Outside

Many cats really enjoy the stimulation of “cat TV,” or the opportunity to watch birds, bugs, and other critters through windows. Use a cat window perch or set up a cat tree near a window. You can even set up a bird feeder to bring the fun closer to home.

If you have the ability, you can create a “catio”, or a protected outdoor area for your cats. This shouldn’t be your whole yard, because there are a lot of dangers to your cat and other wildlife. Instead, find a way to screen off your porch so that your cat can enjoy the sun and air without being exposed to predators that might cause a trip to a Little Rock vet clinic.

Giving your cat safe exposure to the natural elements outside can help stimulate their mind and keep them entertained for hours!

Hide Treats to Create a Hunting Experience

Feel bad because your feline friend can’t hunt? Create a hunting experience indoors! Hide favorite treats around the house and watch your cat go crazy trying to find them. Remember, they have a great sense of smell, so they’ll find what they’re looking for.

If you don’t like the idea of having treats laying around your home, consider a puzzle toy instead. They have to paw it and move the pieces in specific ways to get the treats out. This will help keep them interested and active as they enjoy their favorite nibbles, helping them stay healthy and avoid unnecessary trips to a Little Rock vet clinic.

Keep Your Cat Healthy With Trips to Your Little Rock Vet Clinic

We definitely advocate keeping your cats happy and healthy to avoid trips to the vet, but that doesn’t mean they should never visit our Little Rock vet clinic. Actually, they need annual checkups, the same as any pet.

We want to make sure any concerns are detected and treated early. To enjoy many years with your feline friend, contact us for an appointment today!