When you let your pet out in the yard, or when you take the for a walk, you expect them to sniff around and do their business. They carefully check out the area, find out what other animals have been there, and maybe even romp and play.

But frequently you may notice your dog doing something unusual – eating grass! Dogs are scavenging carnivores, which means that they need meat to really thrive. So why do they eat something as random as grass?

We get this question in our veterinarian clinic a lot, so let’s dive in to why this happens!

Eating Grass Won’t Hurt Your Dog

The first concern many pet owners have is whether or not eating grass is bad or dangerous for their pet. This is a great question, especially since so many plants actually are toxic for dogs.

But you can rest easy – eating grass won’t hurt your dog. This is even true if they throw up after eating the grass each time. If you’re concerned there’s an underlying health issue, you can certainly contact our veterinarian clinic, but it’s a normal behavior. 

Eating Grass Can Be Boredom

Sometimes dogs eat grass simply because they can’t come up with something more fun to do. This generally means that they need more stimulation and activity, and it’s something our veterinarian clinic often sees – especially with active breeds.

Instead of just letting the dog into the yard to do their business, consider going outside with them. Throw a frisbee, take them to a dog park, or even go for a walk through the neighborhood. Run and play with them as much as you can. 

You can also get your pet a sturdy chew toy to keep them occupied both indoors and out. This can help them avoid eating grass simply for something to do. 

Some Eat Grass for Fiber

There have been some reports that dogs eat grass regularly and then stop when they are put on a high-fiber diet. If you have tried to give the dog more stimulation and play and they still eat grass frequently, take a look at your dog food and make sure it’s high quality.

If you currently feed raw food, be sure you also have additional sources of fiber. We often suggest trying canned pumpkin, which is healthy and has plenty of fiber and vitamins.

Keep Toxins Away From Your Pet

One concern that we do see in our veterinarian clinic when it comes to dogs eating grass is the use of pesticides, weed killer, or other lawn treatments. If your dog frequently eats the grass, you can’t afford to use these chemicals because they can make your pet sick, especially when ingested.

Instead, use pet-friendly treatments or simply keep your yard mowed and free of standing water to handle pests and weeds. Also, be sure the plants in your yard aren’t dangerous for your furry friend either.

Don’t Hesitate to Reach Out to Your Veterinarian Clinic

Questions? Concerns? If you feel like there is still something odd about your pet’s behavior, don’t hesitate to reach out. Our professionals are here to answer any questions, and we’re happy to set up a pet examination if you want us to look for problems.

Contact us at our veterinarian clinic today for an appointment.