It’s every pet owner’s worst nightmare – you discover your pet in some kind of medical distress, and you need to make immediate decisions about what to do. These decisions could mean life or death for your dog or cat.

What do you do?

Being prepared in advance is essential. First, make sure you have the number of your animal hospital in an easy-to-find place. Next, be aware of common pet emergencies and what to do. 

Here are several you can prepare for.


Your Pet Ate Sometime Poisonous

Animals simply love to eat all sorts of things. Both dogs and cats have been guilty of eating things that were poisonous to them. Sometimes they were curious, and other times it tasted good. Regardless, these things can make them sick or even result in death.

You definitely want to contact your animal hospital right away. Let them know what your dog or cat ate, and they can give advice for immediate action. For instance, some substances are worse if you induce vomiting, so don’t do that unless your vet gives the OK. 


Your Furry Friend Ate Other Non-Food Items

If your cat swallows string or your dog eats a sock, you should still call your Little Rock veterinarian right away. These things aren’t poisonous, but they can cause serious problems anyway

For instance, there may be an intestinal blockage or your animal may be in danger of choking. Some items may pierce the intestines, or require surgery to remove.

There’s nothing wrong with calling the animal hospital when you have a question. We’re happy to help!


Your Pet is Choking

Choking is terrifying, but it’s especially hard if it’s your pet because you may not know how to help them. Work on learning pet CPR before there’s a problem so that if an emergency comes up, you’re ready. 

There’s a Heimlich maneuver if your dog is choking and a different one for a cat. Just like other emergency responses, practicing these safely ahead of time means that if an accident happens, you’ll know exactly what to do.

Be sure that someone is also calling the animal hospital so they can give advice as well. Once the immediate threat has passed, take your pet to the veterinarian for an exam. It’s vital to make sure they are truly ok. 


Your Dog or Cat is Bitten By Another Animal

Another emergency that’s common in Arkansas is having a dog or cat bitten by another animal. This may be a dog or cat fight, or it could be an attack from a rodent or even a snake or spider.

As soon as you realize there’s a bite, you should take your pet to the animal hospital. Be sure you can describe the attacker clearly and snap a photo if you can. That can help your Little Rock vet determine if there’s the danger of a venomous bite or if it’s a superficial surface wound.

Once your dog or cat has been treated, your vet will be able to give you additional instructions on how you can help them heal. You may need to wash the wound or change the bandage until things get better.


Your Animal Hospital is Here to Help

We hope you never have a medical emergency with your beloved pet, but if you do we are here to help. You can contact us any time – for an appointment, an emergency, or a question.

We are here to serve!