It’s never too late to make a New Years Resolutions. As a matter of fact, studies show that resolutions made after the month of January often have better staying power than those New Years’ Eve desperate cries. And what better resolutions to make than ones that will lead to happier, healthier relationships with your pets? Check out these resolution suggestions for animal lovers – and some great new habits to become an even better pet parent!

Exercise and Activities for Your Pets

Out with “lose 30 pounds,” in with “take a daily walk”! While not everybody has a super-hyper Border Collie or Jack Russel, all pets enjoy regular walks and physical activity. Your pet will be healthier and happier with more time outside, and you can meet your own exercise and physical activity goals alongside your best friend! Set a reasonable resolution – maybe to take two or three walks a week – at first. Once you’re enjoying that regularity, start stepping up your walking schedule to a daily routine. 

Once you’ve got the daily walk down, start looking for other exercise opportunities. Is there a local fenced or off-leash dog park where you can throw a ball or work on other skills and hobbies with your pet? Maybe there’s a great hiking trail you could start tackling now that the neighborhood route has become familiar (or even boring). Before you know it, you and your pet will be exploring new places all the time!

Give Back to the Community

Did you know you can foster dogs, cats, and other pets while they wait for loving homes? If making new friends and giving back to your community was on your resolution shortlist, look no further! Open your home for short-term foster stays with local nonprofits and animal protection agencies that keep pets out of shelters and actively work to find them new homes. Often, these foster stays are between 3 weeks and 3 months – and they’re a great way to socialize your pets with lots of different animals while having a never-ending supply of puppies, kittens, or sweet older pets. 

If fostering animals isn’t your thing, look for other ways to give back! You could volunteer at animal shelters as a caretaker or with pet rehoming nonprofits at their events to match pets with new families. If you’re really looking to learn and grow, join a local zoo’s docent program and volunteer to educate the community about crucial preservation efforts around the globe!

Learn a New Skill

Maybe learning something new was at the top of your to-do list in the new year. Join up with your best friend to learn together! Find classes on training your pet or search the Internet for do-it-yourself training guides to teach your pet new tricks and helpful habits. Local dog parks may even have agility courses or other amenities that can provide an exciting getaway for you and your furry friend. But remember – you’re in this together! Learning to train your pet is a team effort, and it will build discipline and tenacity in both of you at the same time.

Maybe the new skill you want to learn isn’t about training your pet at all! In that case, consider a carpentry or woodworking class to get started building your own backyard agility course, upgrade your pet’s furniture inventory, or build a really cool wandering tunnel system to let your cat get some outside time without leaving the yard.

Healthy Habits – Healthy Pets

A new year brings new opportunities to establish healthy habits and growth goals – even if we set them sometime other than New Year’s Day! For animal lovers all over the country, this fresh new calendar presents opportunities to make ourselves and our pets healthier and happier. For the best care available for your best friend and other furry pals, trust the team at Bowman Road Animal Clinic.