When thinking of taking your dog for a walk, the majority of people are simply focused on making sure their dog goes potty; however, there are so many benefits to taking your pooch for a walk! Not only is it valuable to your animals, but it can also be beneficial to you. 

You might be asking, ‘Where are the best places to walk my dog in Central Arkansas?’ or ‘Are there any areas around Little Rock that would allow my dog to play with other dogs?’. Luckily, you can find some great resources and answers to these questions right here! 

Letting your dog out in the backyard vs. Walking your dog – Which is better?

Letting your dog in your backyard is always a convenient way of letting them get some exercise and fresh air, while also taking care of their business. It is also convenient for those who live very hectic lives and is a great way to let your dog burn off energy! 

However, keeping them only in the yard can sometimes lead to other issues. These issues can include your pup feeling uncomfortable around new people or animals or even territorial behaviors, such as barking loudly and rushing to the fence when a person or car passes close by. 

Dogs naturally are curious and want to explore. Walking your dog allows for them to encounter new people, animals, smells, sights, and experiences. This helps to provide your dog with mental stimulation. It allows you to provide additional training for your pooch, as well as provides a consistent source of physical exercise for both of you. 

What are the benefits of taking your pooch for a walk?

Just like us, our precious pups can struggle with health issues also. Some of the most common health problems among dogs include obesity, arthritis, and digestive and urinary health issues. 

Walking your dog has many significant benefits for your dog, and not just physical exercise, but also mental stimulation and opportunities to socialize with other animals. Taking your pooch on a daily walk, or at least a few times a week, has proven to help improve cardiovascular disease, insulin resistance, liver disease, and osteoarthritis. 

Taking your pooch on a walk can also help to make improvements in your life. Even just taking your dog on a short 30-minute walk each day can help to reduce your risk of obesity, osteoporosis, colon cancer, breast cancer, coronary heart disease, and type-2 diabetes. 

What are the best trails in Little Rock for walking your dog?

One option for walking your pup is to find a nice trail to hike. This not only allows your dog to explore nature, but can also provide both physical and mental stimulation for you and your dog. Here are some great trails to hike with your pooch and the do’s and the don’ts for them!

1. Rocky Valley Trail – Little Rock, AR

Rocky Valley Trail is a moderate level loop trail and is 2.9 miles. This trail is accessible year-round. Dogs must be kept on a leash to use this trail. 

2. Allsopp Park Trail – Little Rock, AR

Allsopp Park trail is an easy level loop trail and is 3.7 miles. This trail has several options for activities. The best months to walk this trail are between March and November. Dogs must be kept on a leash to use this trail. 

3. River Mountain Park Trail – Little Rock, AR

River Mountain Park Trail is a moderate level trail and is 2.9 miles. This trail features a river and various activity options. It is accessible year-round. Dogs must be kept on a leash to use this trail. 

4. Rock Creek Trail – Little Rock, AR 

Rock Creek Trail is a moderate level trail and is 3.2 miles. This trail also has various activity options, as well as a river. They are open year-round. Dogs must be kept on a leash to use this trail.  

What are the best dog parks in Little Rock?

Dog parks are always a great option to take your pup to for both exercising and playing. At a dog park, your pup will be able to socialize with other dogs, allows you and your pet to be active together, and also gives your dog a safe space to run around and explore freely. Here are some great options for dog parks in Little Rock!

1. Paws Park – Located at Murray Park (Rebsamen Road, Little Rock, AR)

Paws Park at Murray is a two-acre park located near the Arkansas River. The park is completely shaded and has swimming tubs for your pups!

2. MacArthur Unleashed Dog Park – Located at 601 E. 9th St, Little Rock, AR

MacArthur Unleashed Dog Park is a two-acre fenced park in the downtown Little Rock area. This park includes water stations and climbing rocks. This park also has a separate area for any dogs smaller than 30 pounds. 

3. Bark Bar – Located at 1201 S Spring St, Little Rock, AR

The Bark Bar is always a great option, if you are wanting to keep yourself entertained while your pup plays! They have an indoor/outdoor play area and bar. This park also has special treats that you can get for your pup, including a Dog’s Dog with a Doggie Ale! 

4. Burns Park Dog Park – Located at 501 Tournament Drive, North Little Rock, AR

Burns Park is a 1,500-acre park, one of the largest municipal parks in the nation. This park includes an area dedicated solely to dogs. The space is split into separate areas for small, medium and large dogs. 

5. Benton Dog Park – Located at 1914 U St, Benton, AR

Benton Dog Park is perfect for you and your pup if you are in the Benton or Bryant area. This park includes agility equipment for your dog.