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Gift Ideas From Your Vet Clinic: Holiday Ideas for Cats!

Cats can be moody and standoffish, but when they love you they let you know. Whether you have a cat that sticks so close you secretly wonder if they’re a dog, or you have a cat that only needs affection occasionally, you adore them too. What may be harder to figure...

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Little Rock Vet Gift Ideas: Best Holiday Gifts for Dogs

Have you ever wondered what your dog would tell you they wanted for the holidays, if only they could talk?  Well, yes, food, food, and more food.  But maybe they’d be a little more nuanced than that! Regardless, since they can’t talk, we need great ideas on what to...

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Helping Your Cats Get Along

Although cats have a reputation for being aloof, unfriendly, and even jerk-ish, the truth is quite different. Your pet cat is probably friendly, playful, and even loyal. It may be on their terms, but the love is there.   The question is how to help two cats get along....

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Advice From a Little Rock Vet: Keeping Your Dog Challenged

Pets are an incredible addition to any family. However, we sometimes forget the they, like us and our children, need to be challenged throughout their day.   Imagine how boring your life would be if you were laying around all day except for two walks outside for a...

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Can Dogs and Cats Eat Fruit?

It’s interesting to hear about people’s pets and their unique tastes. One dog who turns up their nose at fruit is followed by three that love kiwi. People post pictures of cats eating bananas, while others can barely get their feline to eat cat food! However, you may...

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Getting Ready for a New Dog

Is your family about to welcome a new dog into your home?   If so, congratulations! Getting a new pet is an exciting time, but there are always some nerves. You want to make sure your new family member is happy, healthy, and integrates well with everyone else.   And,...

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Vet Clinic Real Talk: Why Primates Don’t Make Good Pets

Have you ever seen cute videos online of little lemurs or monkeys doing funny antics? These videos are all over social media, and many people look at them and say, “I want one of those!” But are primates really a good pet? You might think they are because monkeys are...

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Advice From a Little Rock Vet: Best First Pet For Children

Children don’t have to get very old before they start falling in love with every animal they see. From chipmunks to birds to squirrels to cats and dogs, they seem to want them all At some point, you may start thinking seriously about getting a pet for your first...

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Helping Your Pets During a West Little Rock Home Move

Many families are getting ready to settle into a new home as summer wraps up. School is getting ready to start and it’s time for the whole family to settle back into the school-year routine. Having a new home can be exciting, but it can also be challenging. Perhaps...

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Finding The Right Toys For Your Cat

At Bowman Road Animal Clinic we hear stories about our feline patients being selective about entertainment. Cats have a habit of being provided pricy, animated toys, only to ignore them. Then their owners watch them become overly enthusiastic about a grocery receipt....

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4 Signs Your Cat Should Visit a Veterinarian

Cats are amazing creatures. Sometime affectionate, sometimes standoffish, but always cute and ready for treats. Unfortunately, one of their strongest qualities is that they hide illness very well. It can be really difficult to know if your cat is just fine or if it...

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Summer Safety Tips For Your Dog

Everyone looks for a way to stay cool in the Arkansas summer heat. Your dog needs to stay cool too. Here are a few summer safety tips from the team at Bowman Road Animal Clinic, a Little Rock vet. Don’t let your dog walk on pavement that is too hot. The pads of your...

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Keeping Your Dog Cool This Summer

At Bowman Road Animal Clinic, a vet 72211, we see lots of our dog patients right before summer. Owners know how important it is for their dog to be healthy before they face the heat of Arkansas summer. A healthy dog—with a considerate owner—will have lots of fun in...

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