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At Bowman Road Animal Clinic, we know that early action can make a big difference when treating a pet’s illness or injury. Our staff is ready to care for your pet’s health emergencies as soon as they occur. When time is of the essence, our in-house laboratory makes fast diagnosis and response possible, without the delays associated with sending samples to an external testing facility. Right from our in-house laboratory, we can perform a wide range of diagnostic tests to determine what ails your pet and decide how to properly care for them. These tests include both simple laboratory tests and more complex ones. Some of the more common laboratory tests we carry out include urinalysis, fecal exams, blood chemistry, complete blood count (CBC), and cytology. Our experienced lab technicians ensure accurate, timely test results that will aid in the care of your pet. In addition to our in-house laboratory, we partner with a large reference laboratory with advanced diagnostics capabilities and highly trained individuals who specialize in pathology, cytology, clinical pathology, endocrinology, etc. These tests help us diagnose your pet’s health problems quickly, helping us identify the presence of diseases even when visible symptoms are inconclusive or yet to be fully established. With the problem diagnosed, adequate treatment can immediately be administered.


At times, your pet might require more than just medication to restore his or her health. For this reason, we provide state-of-the-art veterinary surgical facilities and procedures. Using the highest level of medical technology, and experienced surgeons, we go to every length to help ensure an optimal surgery outcome and a full post-operation recovery. Having your pet go through surgery can be tasking and stressful. We assure you that you will be leaving your pet in the best possible hands and that we will give your pet the attentive care that he or she deserves. As a diagnostically-driven clinic, we are careful to identify the ailment of your pet through careful examination before recommending surgery. Following an examination of your pet’s condition on the day of the surgery, your pet will be prepped for surgery using the proper type and dosage of anesthetic. Our professional veterinary surgeon will treat your pet with the utmost care, supported by our team of dedicated staff. After the surgery, follow-up care, monitoring, and overnight boarding are available to help ensure your pet makes a full recovery. We will communicate with you everything you should know before, during and after the surgery. Your veterinarian will be available to answer any questions you have pre- or post-operation. We will ensure you’re fully prepared with the knowledge and support to help your beloved animal recover at home. Our utmost desire is to ensure that your pet’s surgery is smooth and seamless, thus eliminating the stress and worry associated with surgical procedures. Call us today to learn about our facilities and how we provide quality care for your pet.

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