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Wellness exams afford us an opportunity to evaluate your pet’s overall health condition. Vet exams are critical to the health and wellbeing of your pet. As a result, it is important that they are conducted regularly. With every wellness exam, we are kept up-to-date with your pet’s health, and we can detect potential health problems before they become serious. A qualified veterinarian will examine your pet in order to obtain vital information to keep them healthy. Typically, a physical exam for your pet will involve a number of different observational procedures. Simple observations can reveal a lot about your pet. Special tests and equipment may also be used to gain information which cannot be revealed by simply looking at or feeling your pet. Through a series of thorough physical examinations, potential pet health problems are avoided early on. It is recommended that your pet is examined every year, whether you notice any symptoms or not. This vigilance as a pet owner will ensure that your pet remains healthy and safe. A qualified veterinarian, using specialized equipment when needed, may be able to detect health concerns that would be easily overlooked at home. In addition to your pet’s regular check-up exams, it is important to bring your pet in for an exam and consultation when you notice any abnormal symptoms or behavioral patterns. Take down notes of any behavioral changes and, as soon as possible, make an appointment to bring your pet in and meet with one of our experienced veterinarians for an examination. At the time of the examination, your veterinarian can diagnose and recommend treatments for any illness or physical condition that may be affecting your pet. If your pet is determined to be at risk for any particular condition, your veterinarian will also advise you on specific symptoms and behaviors to look out for. In making these recommendations, your veterinarian will take into account the pet species and breed, as well as characteristics unique to your pet. Therefore, our veterinarians value open communication with pet owners as they look to determine what constitutes normalcy for your pet. Like humans, every pet is unique. Knowing your pet’s unique behaviors and patterns will help our veterinarians determine appropriate areas of concern to give more attention to during physical examinations. As we regularly examine your pet, we become more familiar with the unique signals they send out. Just as we familiarize ourselves with your pet, your pet, too, will have an opportunity to become familiar with our hospital and veterinarians, making future visits much easier for them. Following each exam, we will provide you with further information on how best to restore your pet’s health or to keep them healthy. Please contact us today if you are looking for a vet exam in little rock.

Here are some tips for getting your furry baby to the vet safely! 

Can Cats and Dogs Get COVID-19?

Can Cats and Dogs Get COVID-19?

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